🌠 Melvin Alvarez is a Visual Designer based in San Francisco. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Web Design and New Media


SUPER SECRET BANANA started as an idea for an archive of experiments that I would update and revisit over time as a way to inspire myself and to keep track of what has failed, what I've learned, and what has been successful and inspiring. I have this bad habit of disposing ideas or works that I don't find appealing anymore. A month after I graduated in Los Angeles and was about to move to San Francisco, I decided to throw away most of my school projects because I know I could do better. Now I know what to answer if someone asked me that "If you could turn back time" question. SUPER SECRET BANANA is also a complementary outlet / digital version of a printed publication that I also call Super Secret Banana: one that's more of a manifesto and more thought out and expensive.

Website Design, Content Development,
Writing, Experiment archive
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Super Secret Banana Logo

Animation Process

logo breakdown

Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop

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